About HSC

2004 - 2015: In our 2nd decade of volunteerism and community service

Umit Gokce
Founder / Program Coordinator

The Highlands Soccer Club is marking its 11th year with the 2015 season. It is the largest organized weekly program in the Issaquah Highlands and has enrolled a total of about 3,000 children supported by nearly 400 volunteers. HSC emphasizes skill building, player enjoyment and positive feedback as well as teamwork, community and wellness. Our club is unique on a number of levels. It is entirely co-ed, runs during both the Spring and Fall, and is offered to children as young as three. We also manage costs very carefully so that parents pay only $110 for the whole year.

HSC is governed by the volunteer-based Community Sports Education Program. One distinct advantage of a program provided by community-based volunteers is they have a vested interest in the happiness of the kids participating in the program — children who are often neighbors and friends. We have had very good results with the club so far, however our continued success will be shaped in large part by new and returning volunteers. I would like to ask people living both in and outside the Highlands to help by volunteering in any familiar roles or ones that represent exciting new challenges.

Where it all started

Umit with some neighborhood kids at the Highlands sport court in 2004

Remember when?

On Central Park before it was turf in 2008

Nice to meet you

We hear countless stories of kids, as well as parents, making friends

The joy of  jumping

Having fun is where it’s at

Another good year

End of season ceremony at Grand Ridge Elementary

Terrific turf

Central Park nowadays, during a Sunday session

All together now

HSC kids get a real sense of teamwork and community